Racial Reconciliation, the Gospel, and the Church

By Jarvis J. Williams - Posted at 9Marks:

The relationship between the gospel and racial reconciliation has been a contested topic among evangelicals of late.

Some Christians propose that the gospel and gospel action can solve the current racial divide in the church. I (an African-American) make this point in a book called One New Man, and biblical scholars Kenneth Mathews (European-American) and Sydney Park (Asian-American) make a similar point in The Post Racial Church.

However, there is hardly a Christian consensus regarding the church’s role in the work of racial reconciliation.


Michael Emerson and Christian Smith observe in Divided by Faith (Oxford, 2000) that evangelical Christians have traditionally viewed racial reconciliation and matters of race as a “social issue” instead of a “gospel issue.”

One white Southern Baptist pastor illustrates the point in his 2014 article “I Don’t Understand the Evangelical Response to Ferguson,” where he argues t…

Why Christians Need A Christian Doctrine Of Humanity

By Dr. R. Scott Clark - Posted at The Heidelblog:

One neglected aspect of the story of Modernity has been the loss of a Christian anthropology. Along with its exile of God, Modernity has also been busily re-defining humanity with unhappy consequences. Through two world wars, abortion, genocides, “eugenics,” Communist purges, etc. “Enlightened man” has murdered more humans in the last century certainly than in any other century in human history and perhaps more than in all of recorded history prior. The “Enlightenment” did not do away with slavery. Several of our (American) “enlightened” founders were slave owners. Mass murder and chattel slavery are symptoms of a sub-Christian view of human beings. The predominant late-modern narratives about humans, that we are a cosmic accident or mistake or worse a cosmic mistake, only continues the unhappy trend toward de-humanizing humans.

Yesterday news emerged that Iceland has been systematically murdering infants in utero because they have Down …

Martha Wheeler, Eye-Witness to the “Free State of Jones”

By Vikki Bynum - Posted at Renegade South:

I’ll never forget the excitement I felt when, in the midst of researching The Free State of Jones, I came upon the WPA’s 1936 interview with Martha Wheeler, a former slave of Laurel, Mississippi. Today, I realize more than ever that Martha just may be the best source for verifiable remarks about Newt, Rachel, and Serena Knight, and the interracial community they built in Soso, Mississippi, in the aftermath of the Civil War. (1)

Although long a staple of folklore and the subject of numerous books, the story of Newt Knight and Rachel Knight’s collaboration against the Confederacy was not well-known before the June 2016 release of the movie, The Free State of Jones. Because of their long-term intimate relationship, Rachel emerged as a central figure in the film version of Jones County’s insurrection. Her dynamism, her struggles, her experiences of slavery and freedom, have since generated international interest in the full story of her life.



By Chris Gordon - Posted at The Gordian Knot:

I know it has become en vogue in our day for pastors to think they're doing their congregations a great service by framing their sermons to deal with the social justice issues of the day. Obviously, the problems are many and we’re never short of issues to address: environmental problems, racial tensions, poverty, a sexual revolution, and more. No one questions, of course, that God’s truth should be applied to the contemporary societal challenges people face. The law of God certainly applies to these issues. A faithful pastor will do this wisely when appropriate.

I fear, however, that a kind of bully pulpit is (re)emerging by pastors who are pushing harder than ever these societal struggles upon their congregation (and everyone else), to the distraction of the one thing that is lasting and eternal. "Gospel" in this scheme is nothing more than the deliverance of people from societal abuses. God’s word is simply a tool of the pas…

The not-so-good-old days

Posted at Tried With Fire:
When the present world has changed in ways we don't like, it's easy to get nostalgic for "the good old days." It's also easy to appropriate our parents and grandparents nostalgia too. If only we could go back to the day when men were men and women were women. If only we could go back to the time where "traditional family values" were the norm. If only we could go back to when our country was made up of people like us and not overrun by "foreigners." If only, if only. But what was it like in reality beyond the sepia photographs and romanticized accounts? I would argue, that the good old days were only good if you were in the privileged class.

If you go back before the 2nd wave of feminism, this was prior to the 1965 Immigration Act. It would have been extremely difficult and perhaps impossible for members of my family to immigrate and become American citizens. I can't speak for my African American brothers and sis…

Random thoughts on race

By Pastor Sam Powell - Posted at My Only Comfort:

These thoughts are in no particular order. Just some things racing through my mind.I have come to wince whenever I read a blog or a comment that begins with “First, I want to say that I condemn all racism; and white supremacy is bad and wicked.” I have found that whenever a comment begins that way, invariably the writer is about to say something horrible.I applaud this business for firing this openly racist employee.I wonder if the others who paraded the Nazi symbol and shouted inflammatory hate speech were immediately excommunicated from their congregations as soon as they returned. Something tells me not.God told Abraham that in his seed (who is Jesus Christ) all the families of the earth would be blessed. You cannot then shout curses at the families of the earth and have any part in Christ.God forbade the making of images to worship him. Images are powerful. When a statue becomes more important to you than peace and love, or even th…

Trump Endorses Luther Strange in Alabama U.S. Senate Race Rather Than Roy Moore

Editor's Note: Of course he did because Donald Trump doesn't have a clue about real Christianity or righteousness. He has surrounded himself with religious fools and this is the evidence that one's theology (or lack of) really does matter in the political realm.  I dissented in the 2016 Presidential election and will continue to do so until we actually get a righteous, moral, godly, Christian candidate. - AW

By Heather Clark - Posted at Christian Network News:

WASHINGTON — As Tuesday marks primary day in Alabama’s special election to fill the seat vacated by former U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions, President Trump has endorsed Sen. Luther Strange for U.S. Senate over “Ten Commandments Judge” Roy Moore.

“Big day in Alabama. Vote for Luther Strange, he will be great!” he tweeted early Tuesday.

“Luther Strange of the great state of Alabama has my endorsement. He is strong on border & wall, the military, tax cuts & law enforcement,” Trump likewise posted on Monday.


The Five Crowds of Charlottesville

By Jordan Standridge - Posted at The Cripplegate:

Let me say that our hearts are broken over the events that took place in our own back yard in Virginia yesterday. Nazi flags and people with KKK hats walking around on a college campus in broad daylight is insane. You’d think that if you affiliate with those groups you’d want to keep it a secret, and yet it was done for the world to see. Our hearts break over racism and terrorism and our only hope and solution is the Gospel, that, believe it or not, can break even the most wicked of hearts and give even the most prideful and hate-filled man new life.

There are so many vantage points when an event like this occurs. The shock of such an event will produce a lot of questions and a lot of discussion over the next few months. Many people will be tempted to speak off the cuff, and many others will be tempted to harbor resentment and to expect their brothers and sisters in Christ to react in a particular way. There are certain truths, though,…

The ‘Alt-Right’ Aren’t On The Right, They’re Just Racists

By Connor Mighell - Posted at The Federalist:

Identity politics of any stripe is not conservatism. Both fascists and communists oppose the core principles of the political right.

It goes without saying that what occurred in Charlottesville involved a literal and figurative “parade of horribles.” A collection of hate-filled morons turned a college town into their personal parade ground in a sickening display. Many were assaulted and killed as the marchers’ intentions shifted from assembly to riot.

The organizers of this orgy of evil seem to be operating under the sad delusion that they are part of “the Right.” Their choice to name their Charlottesville demonstration “Unite the Right” and insistence on using the term “alt-right” to describe themselves is further evidence of this belief.

I would like to disabuse these self-described “deplorables” of this false notion. The agitators in Charlottesville were not members of any recognizable right-wing movement. In fact, their purposes and meth…

In Senate Race, Alabama Judge Moore Takes on D.C. Establishment

By Alex Newman - Posted at The New American:

Despite a fierce assault by the establishment and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, the latest polls show former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore with a significant lead in the high-profile race to become Alabama's next U.S. senator. As the establishment attacks escalate, a coalition of conservative heavyweights across Alabama and America are throwing their weight behind Moore, who became a hero to many Christians and constitutionalists over his years in public service. In an interview, the judge explained why the D.C. establishment wants to stop him — and why the people of Alabama support him. Moore also outlined his views on the U.S. Constitution, and how Congress can force the federal courts to obey it using powerful constitutional tools.

Judge Moore is best known nationally for his defense of marriage, the U.S. Constitution, and his insistence on keeping the Ten Commandments at Alabama's high court. The popula…