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SPRINGFIELD - A group of Republican House members and one Downstate Democrat are calling for an investigation into Illinois' Planned Parenthood clinics after three undercover videos emerged with Planned Parenthood officials in California and Colorado were recorded in conversations about selling specimens from abortions.

One Democrat - Jerry Costello II - signed onto HR 671 with 31 GOP House members, including Rep. Jeanne M Ives, Patricia R. Bellock, Barbara Wheeler, Mark Batinick, Thomas Morrison, Margo McDermed, Terri Bryant, Keith Wheeler, Robert W. Pritchard, David Reis, John D. Cavaletto, Brian W. Stewart, Tom Demmer, Reginald Phillips, Randy Frese, Donald L. Moffitt, Ron Sandack, Dwight Kay, Charles E. Meier, Joe Sosnowski, David Harris, David McSweeney, Steven Andersson, Tim Butler, Dan Brady, Norine Hammond, John M. Cabello, Adam Brown, C.D. Davidsmeyer, Jerry F. Costello, II, Grant Wehrli and Sheri L Jesiel.

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