It Must be Election Time: Christian Idolatry on Display

By Bill Muehlenberg - Posted at Culture Watch:

I am losing all sorts of Christian friends. I am getting heaps of believers really ticked off with me. I am seeing long-time Christian relationships smashed overnight. So what crucial test of fellowship did I break? What great evil did I commit? What gross heresy have I espoused?

Did I deny the deity of Jesus Christ? Did I repudiate the doctrine of the Trinity? Did I come out and say I no longer believe the Bible is God’s Word? Did I say all religions are the same and we will all be saved anyway? Did I embrace New Age mumbo-jumbo, or hop on the Chrislam bandwagon?

No, evidently I did something far, far worse. I committed a much more heinous sin than all that: I refused to join in the Trump cult. I refused to engage in Trumpite idolatry. I refused to bow down and worship Lord Trump. I refused to see him as the long-awaited messiah who will save America and the world.

And for that unpardonable sin, many “believers’ have declared me to be anathema and they want absolutely nothing to do with me. They have disowned me, repudiated me, slammed me, and turned their backs on me. Oh, so that is the ultimate test of Christian orthodoxy, and that is the real basis of Christian unity. I see.

This is about one thing: Christians engaging in idolatry. And I think my case is already made. If Christians turn on you like you are the anti-Christ simply because you do not share their wild enthusiasm and excitement about one man, then you know you have a bad case of idolatry on your hands.


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