Planned Parenthood Announces On-Site Partnership With Select Public School Systems

By George Drivas - Posted at Associated Media Coverage:
According to Morley, each high school within the participating school districts (approximately 57 schools), will be provided with one Planned Parenthood representative. The Planned Parenthood representatives will be provided with an office within the school and will be on-site 2-3 days per week. All students within the school will be able to schedule confidential consultations with the school’s Planned Parenthood representative and are guaranteed confidentiality and anonymity.
Planned Parenthood representatives have announced a partnership with select public school systems in California, Illinois, and Maryland. Planned Parenthood representative Janice Morley told reporters during a press conference that she is hopeful the partnership will extend to several additional states by late 2016.

Planned Parenthood currently provides resources regarding sex education on their website, however with the new partnership they will be allowed to provide on-site direct resources to high school students at select public schools.


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