5 Most Sickening Parts Of Trump’s Meeting With Evangelical Leaders

By Rebecca Cusey - Posted at The Federalist:

Donald Trump thinks religion is about temporal power. Apparently, leading evangelicals agree with him.

On Tuesday, Donald Trump met with a few hundred evangelical leaders in New York City. I read through the transcript thinking maybe Trump might exhibit some charm, some thoughtfulness in a smaller setting that is lost on the large stage, something that would explain why people who profess to believe in Jesus would be so taken in by Trump.

Sadly, no. The transcript is shocking in its pandering: of Trump to evangelicals, yes—we expected that—but also in their pandering to Trump. Here are the most egregious takeaways. You can find the full transcript here.

1. The Evangelical Leaders Attempted to Make Trump Morally Acceptable

Franklin Graham (son of the legendary Billy Graham) used biblical heroes to make Trump’s bad choices and morally questionable lifestyle seem okay. He conveniently ignored that those heroes learned hard lessons from their mistakes and repented of them. Trump has shown no evidence of repentance or learning, but has expressly rejected repentance, saying he never asks forgiveness from God. ...


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