Pastor [Doug] Wilson has gone and ticked me off..

By InsanityBytes - Posted at  See, there's this thing called biology…

Pastor Wilson has ticked me off, which is not unusual, he has ticked off a lot of people. So he writes a reasonably good post called the perils of zero sum counseling, some of which I agree with, but there is just something wrong here that won’t leave me alone, that nags at me.

He eventually says, “Any counselor who actually tries to address feminine shortcomings in a dysfunctional relationship is a brave counselor. One of the things that happens is that any such an attempted address is immediately construed as “taking the side” of the abuser.”

He does not say, “taking the side of the man” nor does he say “taking the side of the husband,” he says the “abuser.” So he recognizes there is an abusive situation right in front of him, a power imbalance with a clear abuser and a victim.

And yet he says not one word about providing safety, protection, or comfort.



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