A Word to (Some) of My (Fellow) Internet Calvinists

By Kofi Adu-Boahen - Posted at Entreating Favor:

Originally published Oct. 1, 2015.

I’ve wrestled with how to say what I’m about to say for close to a year and a half. If there is one group of people who generally fail at self-criticism, it would probably be Reformed folks. Even now, I’m sure some people are preparing their copies of  The Institutes of the Christian Religion to launch at me in a manner consistent with causing bodily harm. Please, hear me out first.

First off, this is not an anti-Reformed rant. I am a card-carrying five-point-Calvinist with a great appreciation for historical, confessional Reformed theology. I don’t agree with every tenet of classic Reformed thought (my view of the covenants would be one example – another would be my view of baptism) but I would say it speaks closest to what I believe as a Christian. In short, guys, I’m on your side.

It is exactly because I am on your side, friends and brethren, that I have to call a huddle in session. For folks who profess to believe in such earth-shattering truths, some of the attitudes worry me. Here are a selection...



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